Singing the great choral masterworks

Great music in a great space

The Kemp Concert Choir brings singers together from across Oklahoma City to perform the great masterworks of the choral repertoire in one of the finest venues in the state.


Small time commitment

The Kemp Concert Choir does not have a regular rehearsal schedule. Instead, singers learn the music on their own time, and the ensemble meets together for a few rehearsals prior to the concert to polish and shape the performance. In addition, singers need only commit to one concert at a time—not a full season of performances.


Musical Direction

Orchestra & Soloists

The Kemp Concert Choir is joined in performance by an orchestra made up of the leading professional musicians in Oklahoma City. Our soloists have performed regionally and nationally in concert halls and on the operatic stage.


Information for Singers

The Kemp Concert Choir is made up of volunteer singers from throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.


Audition information

In order to ensure a balanced ensemble, potential singers are asked to audition. This short, no-stress process will only last ten minutes. Since the singers in the Kemp Concert Choir learn their music on their own time, auditioning singers will be given a short excerpt to prepare in advance to sing at the audition. Auditionees may also be asked to vocalize or to sing a familiar song.


Rehearsal information

Since the singers in the Kemp Concert Choir prepare their music on their own, rehearsal times are kept to a minimum and are focused on polishing and shaping the music. Potential singers must commit to attending all the scheduled rehearsal and performance times.




No Audition!